Creating your Company’s Values

You have probably read numerous articles regarding the significance of core values and those values-driven companies. Those companies that have fully succeeded in creating impactful values which engage their people or employees, they can tell that the benefits are immense and amazing.

Core values support a company’s vision, shape culture and reflect what the company really values. These are the essence of the company’s identity including the beliefs or philosophies, values and principles. Many different companies mostly focus on technical competencies however, often forget what underlying competencies make their company run smoothly and these are core values. Establishing strong and good core values can benefit the company in countless ways.

How to Create Your Company’s Values

Creating a set of core values for your company can help your team work more effectively towards achieving the goals of the company and establish higher operational standards. Core values also guide you to make the best hiring choices. You therefore need to ensure that you execute the right ways in creating your company’s values. These ways include the following:

Finding Core Values of Your Team

The very first step in creating company’s values is for you as well as your team members to have some time considering and then writing down personal values. As soon as you have collected sets of values from your dedicated team, start working by narrowing down the lists and then combining the values.

After creating a more distilled list of proposed personal values, you can email this list to your employees and you can ask them for their feedbacks particularly on what values they find more important.

Determine How to Apply these Values into Your Company

Once you have consolidated the list of the potential core values, you can translate these values to guidelines of your company. If for instance honesty is one of the core values identified by your team, this can be translated into operational guideline.

Determine how to integrate the identified core company values to standard processes or operating procedures of your company. Assign someone or probably two individuals to carefully examine every department in your company such as manufacturing, accounting, customer service, human resources and more.

Communicate Core Values of the Company to Employees

Communicate core values that you essentially settled into your employees, the later hires will not be instantly familiar with your company values. This can actually be accomplished through several things like displaying posters with the company values written on them, mentioning core values on footer or header notes attached to emails that are sent to the employees.

When creating your company’s values, you need to keep all these essential things in mind. Failure to execute the right ways of writing or creating your company values can surely have negative impacts on your company or business. Many companies are investing much time and effort in creating company values, so it is just right to also do the same and create the ideal values for your own company as well. In such case, you are giving it a great competitive advantage against its competitors.

What are some of your personal and/or company values? Leave a comment below and share with the community.