The kinds of people you invite as members of your team can have a significant impact on the success of your company. The smart entrepreneurs are surrounding themselves with encouraging people, particularly if the business is bad. Optimistic people do come in numerous forms, yet their feel-good, can-do attitudes are generally contagious. Research that was issued in 2008, which revealed date collected over 20 years shows that having a happy friend can increase your chance of becoming joyful by 15%.

Wise and clever entrepreneurs are also finding those people who have qualities they themselves do not have. When piecing your team together think: Who is missing?

The “Lightning Rod”

A lighting rod is someone who can easily attract attention. He or she is always in the center. A lightning rod is charismatic, witty and never runs out of ideas. In a glimpse, you may mistakenly label the lighting rod as someone rude or arrogant when in reality, this kind of person is just creative. His or her mind moves quickly and is often bored. Trouble may arise if you failed to channel his or her energy.

A lightning rod can add great value to a sales and marketing team. These type of people are the ones you need in order to keep all your services and products exciting and fresh.

The “Golden Goose”

While a lightning rod can attract attention, a golden goose is someone who can amazingly attract money. This person has deep awareness of how to boost the revenue of a business. This person is a masterful CFO, money-maker and a salesperson of all forms which keep companies within the black.

The “Maestro”

A maestro is a rare-strategic person who could see the completion from the very start. This kind of person is a visionary who has the ability to see everything from the bird’s vision. The modern-day maestro, such as Steve Jobs and Larry Page have altered the way of humankind along with their longstanding mindsets. If you cannot see where you wish your business to be in, begin by getting yourself surrounded by numerous maestros and consult them regularly.

The “Virtuoso”

Apple Inc. has a maestro and that’s Steve Jobs and it also has a virtuoso – Steve Wozniak. A virtuoso is an innovator who has that specialized knowledge. He or she can be a scientist, architect or engineer at the back of the most incredible inventions in the world. This kind of person is someone who can perform the most complex thing within the world and that is to physically make something out of nothing. Regardless of what you want to build, a virtuoso can help you in building it faster and better.

The “Wordsmith”

A wordsmith is someone who excels at the wordplay. He or she is capable of organizing his or her thoughts to oral or written form of communication in order to entertain, motivate and teach others. A wordsmith involves editors, bloggers, authors, communicators and public speakers of all forms.

These are the people that you should never forget to ensure are included in the organization of your business. The qualities brought to the table by a variety of team players is so essential in creating a complete team. When each member works within their own strengths and genius it elevates the overall skill level of the entire business.

Do you have each of these types on your team? Who are you missing? Leave a comment below about your strengths and how you’ve built your team.